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The Peculiar Winery, Just A Little Bit Different

The Peculiar Wines Experience

What started as owner Chris Gough’s crazy idea turned into a family-owned winery that brings some pizzaz to Peculiar, Missouri. The Gough family doesn’t take life too seriously, and they wanted to have fun with the Peculiar Winery so that everyone else could have fun with it, too. Whether you’re a wine snob or someone who likes to have fun with your friends, Peculiar Winery is the place for you!

Atmosphere is Key

Positioned on a beautiful 15-acre plot of land just off the highway, Peculiar Winery is easy to get to and beautiful at that! The Gough family knows that good wine and pretty scenery aren’t enough to make them stand out in the wine industry, so they focus on creating an atmosphere that people want to come back to. Each weekend, they bring in food trucks from the community and have live music, so it feels as if you’re visiting a local festival instead of a winery.

The food trucks bring in all types of food that aren’t always easy to get in the Peculiar, MO. Whether you love BBQ, Italian Food, Mexican Food, Greek Food, or another cuisine, odds are you’ll be able to find it at Peculiar Winery. The music genres range from country to rock to jazz to blues and beyond. Each time you visit your experience will be different, and people love not knowing what to expect!

Great Patio Seating

Sitting in the sun and drinking wine is a great American pastime and Peculiar Winery has the best patio for it! The patio gained popularity during Covid, with people wanting to sit outside where they felt safer. Now, it’s one of the most popular seating areas because you can feel close to nature while enjoying live music and sipping on one of the 20 wines at Peculiar Winery. They now offer a greenhouse patio for covered seating. This will ensure that inclement weather doesn’t stop guests from enjoying the natural beauty around the winery as well as provide a place for live music to happen during the rain or cold.

Noteworthy Wine Selection

When Peculiar Winery opened, they had a selection of 9 different wines, and that selection has grown to about 20 wines at this point. You’ll notice some of the wines change with the seasons. For instance, during the summer, they try to bring in some more citrusy wines. If you have any love for art, you’ll definitely appreciate the fun that the Gough Family had when designing the labels for each wine, too. The casual, welcoming, fun vibe comes from the family that owns it, and we think it shines through in everything they do! Be sure to stop in soon to enjoy good wine, great people, wonderful food, and an atmosphere you won’t forget. If you’re unable to come to the winery itself, you can buy Peculiar Winery wines at Hy-Vee in Belton and Lee’s Summit off of Ward Road.