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Discover Mary’s Mountain Cookies Belton, MO

During a visit from her brother, a business owner in Belton himself, he convinced Ronda to ship some cookies from Colorado to his coworkers because he wanted to show just how amazing the cookies were. After getting his coworkers hooked on Mary’s Mountain Cookies, he helped Ronda buy a bakery in Belton and bring the entire community these scrumptious cookies. Today, Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Belton is almost 6 years old and a vibrant part of the community.

Unique Cookie Offerings

Everyone loves a fresh cookie that takes them back to childhood, but Mary’s Mountain Cookies puts a creative spin on the classic dessert. Not only is everything at the bakery made from scratch, but the cookies are five ounces and nearly as big as your face! You’ll also be able to find creative seasonal flavors such as a root beer float cookie in the summer. It has actual root beer barrels in the dough and a creamy root beer glaze on top.

If cookies aren’t your thing, Ronda has you covered. At Mary’s Mountain Cookies there is a wide range of sweet treats such as cinnamon rolls, ice cream sandwiches, and edible cookie dough without eggs. You know, “desserts” is just “stressed” backward, so if you need a little pick-me-up, a phenomenal dessert item from Mary’s Mountain Cookies is just what you need.

Special Products

For your next special event, such as a birthday or large gathering, order a tray of cookies from Mary’s Mountain Cookies to impress all your guests. Don’t worry, the cookie trays come with small cookies since “face-sized” cookies aren’t as shareable. For those with dietary restrictions, check out the gluten-free selections or talk to the bakery about all the available options.

Send Stellar Desserts

If you need a great gift to send to a friend or loved one for their birthday, baby shower, graduation, and more, talk to Mary and her team about shipping options! Cookies are a great way to brighten someone’s day, especially if they’re Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Cookies Love Community

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a group of people you care about and enjoying a fresh cookie, and Ronda is no stranger to building community through cookies and other avenues. Mary’s Mountain Cookies is deeply integrated into the Belton community and loves the small, hometown feel that flourishes here.

To give back to the community, Mary’s Mountain Cookies sponsors sports teams and helps fundraise for special causes. It’s the wonderful community in Belton that makes all this possible, and that does not go unnoticed by Ronda and her team.

You Deserve a Treat!

The next time you had a long day or simply want to treat yourself, pop by Mary’s Mountain Cookies. The fresh cookie smell will invite you in, but it’s the people you’ll meet that will keep you coming back. The best cookie spot on Main Street is waiting for your visit!