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T.B. Hanna Station is The Newest Raymore Park With The Oldest History

As Nathan Musteen, Director of Raymore Parks and Recreation, says, T.B. Hanna Station is the city’s newest park with the oldest history.  In the 1800s, the city owned part of the block that the park is on today, which was where city services, the Police Department, Public Works, and City Hall were located. About 5 years ago, the city purchased the area back to complete a public park for our residents to enjoy. Today, the park is very modern while holding onto the historical significance that makes it so special.

T.B. Hanna Station Amenities

Not only is the park historical, but it also made history by being the only park in Missouri with a playground and a spray ground built specifically for people with disabilities and differing abilities. Inclusivity is a pillar for our city and the Raymore Parks and Recreation Department is ensuring inclusivity is woven into all that it does. The spray ground portion of the park is one of the first five spray grounds in the US that is specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility devices.

The Origin Story

In 2016, when the no-tax-increase bond passed, it created a decent budget to build the park with the playground and sprayground. Before breaking ground and beginning construction, the city was contacted by Variety KC, a children’s charity in Kansas City that wanted to be involved in the project. Variety KC donated an additional $135,000, enabling a new, better plan to be developed, which is what residents can enjoy today. The sprayground is completely free to use, making it an accessible experience for everyone in our community.

Open Year-Round

With T.B. Hanna Station, the city outdid itself in another way: this park can be enjoyed year-round, not just in the summer. That’s a bold statement for our area since we deal with cold, snowy weather in the winter. When the cold sets in, there’s a custom ice rink designed specifically for this park that can be set up, then removed again once the weather warms up.

In the winter, families can come enjoy the park’s transformation into a wonderland. There are heaters and firepits set up around the ice rink so everyone can stay warm. Many free-skate days are offered and it’s only $5 to rent a pair of ice skates. This is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and make memories as a family. The ice-skating rink is open from Thanksgiving to March 1st, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy it.

Events at T.B. Hanna Station

There’s a depot at the park that can be rented out for birthday parties or private events all year round, but there are also community-wide events that people can enjoy. During the Christmas season, there is a Christmas tree trail through the park and Christmas lights to bring the community outside more. Come enjoy this state-of-the-art community park in Raymore, T.B. Hanna Station!