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110 Years Of Family Harritaige In the Jewelry Business At Noe’s Jewelry

Jewelers You Can Trust – Noe’s Jewelry

If the fact that this family-owned business has been up and running for 110 years isn’t enough to convince you of just how amazing it is, maybe the fact that they treat all customers “as if they had a million bucks in their pocket” will. The team at Noe’s Jewelry right here in Raymore is some of the best in the business, and with just one visit to their store, we know you’ll agree.

It started out as a wholesale jewelry repair business; shops from all over Kansas and Missouri would contact Noe’s jewelry to do the repairs they needed. Their clients even got as big as some of the chain stores such as Helzberg! Today, Noe’s Jewelry does it all. They are a full-service jewelry store with some of the very best people in the business. From sourcing the gems, selling to customers, appraising jewelry items, and completing all types of jewelry repairs, Noe’s is the best! You won’t find better craftsmanship or service anywhere else. Here’s a more detailed look into what Noe’s Jewelry can do for you:

Jewelry Appraisal

David Kennedy, a gemologist on the Noe’s Jewelry team is an expert in helping to appraise valuable jewelry and family heirloom pieces. He has a deep level of knowledge about the products available in the store and on the market and can help you figure out what your grandmother’s ring is really worth.

It’s so critical to ensure your appraisal is completed by an expert because it’s not uncommon for gems to trick the naked eye if you don’t know what to look for. For instance, David held up two gems, one was much larger than the other, yet it was actually much less expensive. Though it looked like a diamond, the larger gem was synthetic moissanite. An untrained eye could miss that, but the professionals at Noe’s Jewelry can help you know what you have and provide you with the documentation you need to prove it.

Add to Your Collection

This shop may look small from the outside, but once you walk in, you’ll feel engulfed by the sparkle of the many gems and jewelry options available in the store. It really is an enchanting place to visit, and the team takes pride in helping customers find keepsake items for life’s biggest events, like engagements.

Even if you’re just walking in with $15 or $20 in your pocket, you can find the perfect gift or keepsake at Noe’s Jewelry. They have a wide array of watches, knives, jewelry, and more to pick from.

Jewelry Repair

If you have a special piece of jewelry that has been tucked away too long, an old family heirloom that needs a little love, or even your favorite everyday piece that has experienced wear and tear, Noe’s Jewelry can help you get it back in tip-top shape! They use sophisticated laser technology for many repairs, so there’s less potential for damage to your item and the work is done with more precision. For ring sizing, re-tipping, chain repair, and more come down to Noe’s!

Stop in Today!

Noe’s Jewelry is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM – 5 PM. On Wednesdays, the store hours are extended to 7 PM so you can come in after work. If you aren’t on the market for any jewelry just yet, come to one of their events during the year where they bring in different vendors with special pricing. These events happen about six times a year, and you don’t want to miss a grand time with this stellar team.