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Need Tires In Raymore? You Can Trust 65 years Of Great Prices And Cutomer Loyalty At Harmon Tire

Tire Experts in Raymore

Anything car-related can be tricky to deal with. Since most people don’t know too much about their vehicles, they find it difficult to find the best businesses to help them care for their cars. If that resonates with you, look no further than Harmon Tire for all your tire needs right here in Raymore, Missouri. This family-owned business has been an expert in the tire industry for 65 years. Since 1957, Harmon Tire has been serving the community with impeccable customer service and knowledgeable staff members. They have generations of families coming back in as loyal customers; it’s never too late to add your name to that list.

A Changing Industry

 Harmon Tire started out as a tire wholesaler in 1957 and that was what they specialized in. They would sell tires to mom-and-pop repair shops and auto shops in the community. Over time, the industry has changed so much that it became hard to keep up as a small business in the world of wholesale. So many large conglomerates and corporations came in and were able to deliver tires multiple times a day, where Harmon Tire had been delivering to their customers on a weekly basis. Though the tides were changing, Harmon Tire kept moving forward and transitioned more into the retail side of things as well as tire repairs.

Available Services

 If you’re looking for new tires, Harmon Tire is the place for you. To understand how they pick their inventory, let’s look under the hood – pun intended.  Harmon Tire looks at miles per dollar when selecting what tires to have in their inventory. Nowadays they can get almost any brand, but by prioritizing the lowest miles per dollar, they can ensure their customers get the best deal. If you want a specific brand or type of tire, they can get it delivered for you within 24 hours during the week.

Harmon Tires doesn’t just sell tires, they also do tire repairs and light mechanical work, such as oil changes.  They keep a wide range of oils on hand such as full synthetic and synthetic blend options. Whether you drive a passenger vehicle or a two-ton truck, Harmon Tire can change your oil. Since they’re tire experts, they’re also the best in the area at tire repairs. Many places will try and sell you a new tire, but if it’s salvageable, Harmon Tire will repair it for you instead, saving you money.  It’s clear they aren’t out to make money off of you, they’re in this industry to help ensure you’re safe while driving and have what you need to make that happen.

Convenience Store 

 Many people don’t know it, but Harmon Tire owns a gas station and convenience store as well. It started out as a fuel station to refuel their delivery trucks, but now everyone can buy fuel from them and stop in the convenience store for a quick snack or drink. Funny enough, Bill Harmon mentioned that people will sometimes call about charges from Harmon Tire, not realizing that the gas station is owned by them as well. Whether you need fuel, an oil change, or a new set of tires, Harmon Tire is the place for you!