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Embrace Creativity at The Wild Poppy Boutique Belton, MO

As a long-time resident of Belton, Susan Comeau, the owner of The Wild Poppy Boutique, wanted to breathe even more life into the beloved downtown area of Belton. She has seen the town change and grow over the years, while it maintains the homey charm it has always has, and The Wild Poppy Boutique loves being part of that dynamic. Downtown Belton is the heart of the town, and Wild Poppy Boutique embodies creativity and a welcoming atmosphere, making it a vibrant light in the lives of all Belton residents.

If you have heard of the Corner Boutique, then The Wild Poppy is no stranger to you! Just last year, the boutique made some changes, including its name. It’s still the place you know and love, but it just keeps getting better.

The Gems at The Wild Poppy

Whether you’re looking for a unique T-Shirt, fun gift idea, or great piece of jewelry, The Wild Poppy is the place to do it. TheWild Poppy partners with 14 local vendors and artists in the Kansas City Metro area to bring the best of the best into the store. With a variety of styles and products, you’re sure to find something you love.

You can also find pieces of furniture at Wild Poppy to make a statement in any area of your house that just needs a little love. To offer a little more insight into just how amazing the furniture finds are, while interviewing Susan, there was a stellar vanity sitting right behind us that was a definite eye-catcher. I asked about it and was told that it was actually a piece from the 1920s that was made in Grand Rapids for a furniture store called Robert Klein Furniture. If only those drawers could talk!

The store is constantly receiving new items that are different from previous pieces of clothing or jewelry that can be found there. It’s a wonderful spot to pop in and peruse on the regular because you never know what is waiting for you at The Wild Poppy!

Community First

As a lifetime local, Susan places major emphasis on fostering a sense of community through The Wild Poppy. Throughout the year, Susan hosts events at the store to bring people together. Some of the amazing events include sip and shops which make a great girls’ night out event, furniture painting classes for budding creatives, and even faux stained glass class to introduce something new! Susan tries to keep these events unique, just like the products at the boutique. She’s always listening with open ears if you have any events you’d like to see!

Every month, there’s a free event for kids to help develop a love for creating in the children of Belton. Things like painted flowerpots and painted monsters are always a blast for kids and are a great way for them to meet other art-loving kiddos in the community!

Invest in Community, Shop Local

Big businesses don’t invest in our community and its people the way local shops do. Susan has centered her business model at The Wild Poppy around inspiring those in the community and giving them a place to explore art. She invests in us, so let’s invest back in her! Find The Wild Poppy Boutique on Facebook or give them a call to find out about the next community event at 913-3259-824.