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Hope Haven of Cass County – A Safe Place To Heal

If you need a place of respite due to domestic violence or sexual violence, Hope Haven will welcome you, your children, and your pets in and give you a place to heal. Their emergency shelter hotline is staffed 24/7 because emergencies can occur any time of day. With updated living areas, inviting staff, and healing energy, Hope Haven provides a crucial service to this community which we can’t wait to share here on Highlight My Town.

How Hope Haven Can Help

Though you can’t show up at the doorstep of Hope Haven, with a phone call to their hotline, you’ll be offered a full list of services, depending on your situation. Here are some they provide:

  • Housing Assistance

No one should have to choose between being safe and having a home, and Hope Haven is on a mission to ensure survivors in the area don’t ever feel put in that position. If you need to leave your situation but don’t have a safe space to go, Hope Haven can help with housing assistance and the relocation process.

  • Emergency Shelter Use

The Hope Haven emergency shelter is operated with love. Each room has comfortable furniture you can relax in, new flooring, and fresh paint. After getting the necessary funding, Hope Haven invested back into their shelter to make it feel more like a home for all those who come to heal.

  • Safety Planning

Making a plan to get out of an impossible situation can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. The team members at Hope Haven are experts at helping survivors build safety plans, which include the logistics of how to leave your situation safely and what to do next. Taking it one step at a time is something Hope Haven knows very well.

  • Case Management Plan Development

Every situation is different; therefore every situation is treated differently and Hope Haven provides customized tools to help each survivor. From showing support in a courtroom to helping apply for housing assistance, Hope Haven does it all. The world can be tough to navigate for anyone, but for those who are experiencing trauma, it can feel nearly impossible, and the team at Hope Haven seeks to make it feel a bit more possible.

  • Pet Haven

After the Executive Director of Cass County Hope Haven, Jenna Neumann faced her own abusive situation and the reality that she didn’t have anywhere to take her pets, she knew Hope Haven needed to accommodate survivors with pets. Today, the shelter has “Paw Haven” so no one has to leave their animals behind to find safety. Of those that have utilized the Paw Haven services, 90% have said they never would have left their abusive situation if they had to leave their pet behind.

How to Support Hope Haven

Hope Haven’s services are provided absolutely free of charge to every survivor, however, there is always a cost in providing quality care. They need to community to rally around their cause and provide support. Whether it’s money or time you have to give, no effort will go unappreciated at Home Haven. The current fundraising effort, a gala for Hope Haven, is looking for sponsorships from the community as well. If you’d like to get involved, reach out to the team to get started.

If You Need Help

If you or someone you know is in need of Hope Haven’s services, call their crisis hotline at 816-380-4663 and someone will be waiting to help.