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Enhance Your Health And Wellness At Abundant Life Chiropractic in Belton And Harrisonville

Discover A New Level Of Wellness With Abundant Life Chiropractic

At Abundant Life Chiropractic in Belton and Harrisonville, you’re more than just a patient, you’re family. Not only will the owner Dr. Amy Goulet and her amazing staff at Abundant Life Chiropractic help get your wellness in check with the services they offer, but they’ll bring you into the amazing community they have built. From day 1, you’ll feel welcomed with open arms, and the events and gatherings throughout the year will only help you solidify your bond with the clinic and other patients. As a part of the Belton, MO community since 2008, Abundant Life Chiropractic has played an integral role in helping keep the community healthy, finding a deeper meaning to health, and putting on community-wide events that are family-friendly. We can’t wait to dive deeper into this Highlight My Town; it’s a really exciting one to share.

The Vast Range of Chiropractic Care

 When many people think of chiropractic care, they think of coming in for a rib that feels slightly out of place or for chronic back pain, and while you should stop in with those symptoms, chiropractic care has a much bigger range than that. Here are some of the amazing services and treatments you can find at Abundant Life Chiropractic Care:

  • Jaw Tension: In recent months, the clinic has seen an uptick in jaw-related tension and pain. Instead of just assessing the jaw itself, Abundant Life Chiropractic assesses the jaw and upper neck muscles that can have an impact on the jaw. They are experts in understanding the interconnectedness of your body!
  • Extremities: The typical chiropractic care people think of also happens here, such as caring for patients dealing with shoulder, back, arm, and leg pains. The treatments for these issues can vary depending on the root cause; there is no one-size-fits-all in chiropractic care.
  • Mothers & Babies: Many people don’t think about chiropractic care during pregnancy or postpartum, but it’s a vital wellness practice in preparing the body for birth as well as ensuring everything looks good after birth. It’s also a great idea to bring new babies in to ensure their nervous systems are aligned.

Chiropractic care can treat many different ailments and chronic pains, and Abundant Life Chiropractic can help with it all.

Community Involvement

 Holistic health is a combination of elements, including a sense of community. Abundant Life Chiropractic helps foster a sense of community in Belton, Missouri, and surrounding areas in multiple ways. First off, they have an ongoing “Give Back Movement” where every new referral or patient is treated for $40 during their first visit, regardless of insurance. 100% of those payments go back to charitable causes in the community.

Abundant Life Chiropractic also hosts multiple community events each year and helps build a sense of family within their own practice. They have a “wellness tree” that highlights patients who have graduated from acute care to maintenance care, meaning their problem is corrected! On top of that, the clinic hosts a yearly “wellness celebration” to amplify the joy around prioritizing one’s health and getting the right treatment for you. They also host family fun nights, sip and shops, holiday events, and more! The care they provide to the community doesn’t stop at chiropractic treatments.

Join the Abundant Life Chiropractic Family!

 If you have chronic pain or just want to ensure your body is in proper alignment, schedule a visit with the team at Abundant Life Chiropractic today! If you’d love to join the family but live too far away, you’re in luck! The team has another office in Harrisonville, MO as well.  Don’t wait any longer to take back your health and build a community around you while you’re at it.