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Big Hearts at This Little Heart of Mine

When Haley’s son, Ryker, was born with a congenital heart condition, she knew she wanted her life as a mom to help support those going through the same challenges. His heart defect, called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, essentially meant that he only had half of a heart. To Haley, Ryker was her whole heart, so when she started her brand in Peculiar, naming it “This Little Heart of Mine” felt right.

Not only is Ryker the heart of the store, but he’s the face of it, too. The logo for This Little Heart of Mine is his real EKG, or, his heartbeat. I can’t wait to tell you all more about this online store that does everything wholeheartedly, including giving back to the community. When it comes to brands, it’s so important to understand what they stand for; at This Little Heart of Mine, you’ll find a brand that embraces intentional living, simplicity, fashion, sustainability, and Congenital Heart Disease Awareness.  This authentic brand loves to express nature, family, and faith. This is evident in their product lines that are constantly being developed, designed, and displayed in the online store.

Find Heartfelt Treasures

The items you’ll find at This Little Heart of Mine can’t be found just anywhere; they make customized pieces that are meant to hold a special place in your heart. You can find products/accessories that respresent children battling congenital heart defects. If you’re looking for women’s and children’s apparel or spunky accessories, check out This Little Heart of Mine online.

Recently, Haley designed a line of hats with a very special purpose, so special that it made This Little Heart of Mine world famous. The inspiration for developing a hat line came after Ryker went through multiple surgeries, with another surgery on the way. While in the hospital, small children like Ryker are hooked up to machines and wires and have very little opportunity to showcase their style or personalities in hospital gowns, but hats are still allowed. The hat line captures Ryker’s EKG, which is the store logo, and after making some videos on TikTok, these hats became known around the globe. To Haley, the most special part of it all is that Ryker’s story is known worldwide, and so is his heart.

More Than a Brand or Online Shop

It was never just an online apparel store; it embodies so much more. At This Little Heart of Mine, $1 from every single sale goes to Remington’s Heart Foundation, which helps children battling congenital heart defects. These donations help families of children and babies who are navigating challenges that so many people cannot fathom. When you purchase an item at this boutique, you’re not only making a difference in the life of a beautiful local family, but you’re helping that family give to others who are facing insurmountable obstacles.

Remember that famous hat line that was mentioned? This Little Heart of Mine launched the Warrior Collection which is a line of children’s hats that pay homage to all the children in this world battling congenital heart conditions. This line is camouflage to represent the toughness that each of these little warriors exudes during their battles with their conditions. There is a selection of green camouflage, gray and black camouflage, and a gray, pink, and black camouflage. Make sure you visit the website of this small business to purchase a hat or a small trinket that means something so big! Find all things nature, family, and faith at https://thislittleheartofmineclothing.co/ !