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A Local Kansas City Bike Shop With A Bigger Purpose in Raymore, Missouri

Discover One Of Kansas City’s Best Bike Shops

Did you know that we have one of Kansas City’s best bike shops right in our backyard? If you Google bike shops near me, you’ll find Dave’s Bike Shop right here in Raymore, Missouri. We’re going to tell you all about them today on Highlight My Town.

Welcome to Highlight My Town. We recently had the awesome opportunity to highlight Dave’s Bike Shop in Raymore, Missouri, and speak with the owner David Forster. We found out that Dave’s Bike shop is not your typical Kansas City bike shop. What makes Dave’s Bike Shop unique, you ask? Well, Dave has spent a lot of time in the bike industry over the years, and really wanted to do something different and more community-based.

“We didn’t want it to feel like the elitist or unreachable feel that a lot of people get them are avid cyclists. So when you come in, it’s a very different routine for us. Very family room kind of feel, very community-based. Anyone is welcome and there are no dumb questions. We love helping people.” Dave said.

A Local Bike Shop About Community

Dave’s Bike Shop is all about community. As a bike shop, they do a lot in the local community. It all starts right at their bike shop. The door is always open as long as the shop is open. They invite the community to come in and hang out. To them, it’s not all about shopping and service. Dave’s bike shop genuinely cares about the community.

“We love hanging out and talking about life and then inviting people out to our enchilada ride that we do on a weekly basis from basically March through October when the weather is allowing and daylight allows. And that is a multi-group ride that has as slow and short as you need it to be to a really casual ride, to a fast, longer ride for the guys that are training hard and everything. We also do kids’ safety rodeos, are cranking in the spring event that highlights all facets of bikes and community.” Dave says.

A Bike Shop With A Bigger Purpose

It was clear to us that Dave’s Bike Shop is a bike shop with bigger purpose. When interviewing Dave, we really genuinely understood and caught the the purpose behind Dave’s Bike Shop. It’s bigger then just a bike shop, its about helping people.

“So like we said, we’re all about community. We love helping people overcome obstacles in life. We feel bikes are a great vehicle for anybody willing to reach a freedom that they are seeking in their lives. So it’s fitness and physical goals, a lot of people envision already or whether its mental wellness, stress relief, anxiety relief, and anything in between really is. Bikes are a great way to get the fresh air, endorphins of exercise, community-based friendships, relationships. And so we really focus on building that side of our community to help people be happy. In the freedom aspect of really what we envision and dream about on a daily basis is human trafficking is an issue in our country, as well as domestic violence and mental illness, all of those things. So freedom to us looks like somebody being able to live their life free from whatever the bondage or struggle is that they are working through. And so we work as tirelessly as we can to help promote that.” Dave said.

A Local Bike Shop With A Great Product Selection And Service

If you stop by Dave’s Bike Shop, you’ll see first hand that they offer a great product selection. They do it all!

“Well, we are a full service bike shop. So we have everything from the bikes that you would imagine we have. Our branding there is Trek, Electra, and Batch are our three main brands. Very good quality and a good selection from a really basic bike for kids and adults, up to as fancy and high tech as you want to get. Bluetooth shifting is available these days, so if you interested in that, come by and check it out. And then all the gear and accessories that goes along with helmets, flat repair kits, tires, shoes, pedals, I could list off 1000 of parts but everything and plenty of selection of those things well, that match your style or your personality, whatever you’re looking for there. And then we also have a full service technician shop. So any repairs or upgrades or adjustments, just regular tune-ups all of that stuff, we’re happy to help.” Dave said.

The Growing Popularity Of E-bikes

If you’re in the market for an e-bike, Dave’s Bike Shop can help you out. We asked Dave to tell us what e-bikes are all about! He did just that!

“They are a blast. It’s not at all people envisioned when they first hear e-bike. They think motorcycle or no workout, or I don’t need that. I don’t know, I’m not that old yet or whatever. All of that is not true. All that’s false. These things are a blast. They are not like motorized motorcycle type ride and you have to pedal or pedal the system, but they assist with an electric motor. So whatever level of assistance you need to overcome the obstacle that’s in front of you, whether it’s a hill or a faster friends that trying to keep up with or a distance, you want that confidence that you’re going to make it home even if you get out too far. It’ll help you overcome any of those obstacles and definitely have a giant smile on your face when you get up there.” Dave said.

E-bikes come in all kinds of levels, just like with other bikes. They go from basic to as fancy as you want to get and price ranges according. They’re an absolute blast according to Dave, and you should come and test ride one if you haven’t done it yet. They becoming more popular and customer interest is growing at the shop.

“They are definitely picking up in popularity. Once people ride one and they understand, they get the feel of really it’s not a motorcycle. There’s still plenty of work out to be had if you want it. But it’s also a great utility vehicle, if you are running to work or to the grocery store, you got a little trailer on the back, throw your groceries in. Why sweat if you don’t have to? When you’re headed to work or to the grocery store. Not every ride is a workout.” Stressed Dave.

Indoor Cycling Savvy

Dave’s Bike Shop also carries all the gear you need for indoor cycling. Dave told us all about the indoor cycling as we tried out some of the equipment in the shop, which was a blast!

“So you can take your whatever bike you have and hook it up to a trainer. And there’s a couple of different styles. And they communicate through Bluetooth to an app, either on your phone or tablet, some smart TVs have the app that you can download and it will send the information about your ride to the app. And the app will also communicate the information of the route you’ve chosen to the trainer, so that if you’re going up a hill, it automatically changes the resistance. Same with downhill or flap. You can do group rides virtually and do races, you can workout programs. And the best thing is weather doesn’t matter. It’s all in the comfort of your own home in your living room, your basement, wherever you’re putting it. And then you can take your bike off of it when it’s nice out and go ride back outside on your normal bike. And chose where you want to ride that day.” Dave says.

We asked Dave if indoor cycling has been popular over this past winter?

“Absolutely has. Especially with all of the COVID-19 stuff going on, people are a little more leery about large groups. They’re a little more leery about traffic these days as well, riding on the road, or if there’s no local trails that are easy to access. It gives them a place to do their exercising and riding at home. We actually have a ride that we’ve started similar to our enchilada ride that we do on Thursdays and we call it the Bike It Out Frozen Enchilada. So if you’re on a certain program that we use called swift, you can actually follow the Dave’s Bike Shop profile, and then I can invite you to these meetups. And it’s just our group and you won’t get left behind. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you’re going. Everybody stays together because it’s virtual. And we ride for an hour and fun.” Dave said.

Dave’s Bike Shop Named 2020 Raymore Business Of The Year

It’s obvious why Dave’s Bike Shop has a strong customer base in the community, and why they were recently named “2020 Business of the year” by the Raymore Chamber of Commerce. Dave and his wife Tabitha truly care about our local community. If you stop by and chat with them, you too will hear the passion and purpose behind Dave’s Bike Shop, and you’ll see why we think that we have one of the best bike shops in Kansas City right here in Raymore.

We appreciate the opportunity to highlight this great community based business in our local community. Please support local and stop by Dave’s Bike Shop. They are open Tuesday’s 10-7 and Wednesday – Saturday 10-6. They are closed on Sunday and Monday. Customers can also shop online 24/7, 365 days a year at www.davesbikeshop.us